A Balance Blend of Traditional and Holistic Therapies

Self Psychology & Humanism is based on being compassionate, accepting and authentic, mirroring back to you your feelings and thoughts.  From greater self acceptance, you gain the confidence to develop more mature, healthier coping strategies.

Cognitive Behaviorism clarifies how your thoughts and behaviors effect how you feel, focusing on changing your thoughts and actions. 

Solution Therapy clarifies short and long term goals and outlines steps to reach those goals.  It also strengthens what you already know how to do. 

Family and Couple's Therapy teaches healthier ways to communicate to each other verbally and non-verbally and renegotiate new agreements

Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy:  teaches you to slow down and be mindful, sensing how you physically respond to life situations. This helps you to know what you feel and contain any extreme  emotions.

Creative Arts has you draw, dance, role play or write out your different emotions and thoughts to increase awareness and breakthrough any blocks.  

Depending on your needs and preferences, Robyn Matlock, LMFT, will combine two or more of the above approaches in her psychotherapy work with you.

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